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Rincón del Socorro

Esteros del Iberá, Corrientes, Argentina


Rincón del Socorro has 12.000 hectares and is located in the Iberá Wetlands. It has been historically managed as a cattle ranch until 1999 when it was bought by The Conservation Land Trust (CLT), who now dedicates to care for its environment through a group of biologists and veterinarians who develop different restoration and reintroduction programs of species. As a touristic establishment, we provide to our guests a close understanding to the local ecosystem, appreciating the importance each different natural environments and conservation it has.

A Day in the Wetlands
Visiting the Estancia
Corrientes Province
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A Day in the Wetlands

Activities and Excursions


We invite you to see our presentation video; in 5 minutes we show you all of our activities during a typical day in Rincón del Socorro, from morning till sunset. Arriving by plane or car, we visit the main house of the ranch, its surroundings and we take a walk through the natural reserve with our specialized guides.


Activities begin early in the morning at Rincón del Socorro: we start with a visit to the reserve either walking or horse-back riding, we then dive deeper into the wetlands on a boat ride, sailing up and down the many streams that lead to the Laguna Iberá, optionally we offer a short flight over areas of the Iberá that are otherwise unaccessible. After sunset, we take into a nocturnal safari drive on our 4WD vehicles on the look out for the typical wildlife activity of the wetlands.

Visiting the Estancia

The main house, our services and rooms


The main house on the estancia, “El Casco”, built in 1896 by the original founder of the ranch, has been transformed into what is today the hosteria. Built in the classic Spanish estancia style, the house has been completely renovated, respecting the original architectural lines of the house and guests can still see some of the interesting original designs of this well-known house.

Guests can walk among old noble trees planted in the early 1900’s that provide the essential shade for this sub-tropical region and, with the recent renovation, enjoy a large collection of a mixture of local native plants and classic azaleas and roses. The laguna next to the hosteria provides a never-ending wildlife show with carpinchos, friendly alligators and up to thirty bird species in residence.

Our rooms are the perfect depiction of our personal philosophy over diversity. Each room has been designed and decorated in a unique style, according to its own form and placement. No two rooms are the same. Our guests will be delighted with objects such as antique historical maps, a collection of stuffed animals and unique wildlife paintings.

Iberá Wetlands

Corrientes Province

Turning Iberá in a touristic destination for the local populations benefit


The future Ibera Park is CLT´s vision to create an area which conserves the perpetuity of natural ecosystems of Ibera and also is able to serve as a great area of ecotourism development. Nowadays from the 1,300,000 hectares which composes the water basin and Ibera Natural Reserve, 40% is composed by public lands declared as “Provincial Park” or strict conservation area, mostly flooded all year round.

CLT has bought 150,000 hectares of antique cattle ranches which are closest to the public lands. These ranches include all kinds of different landscapes and ecosystems which are not present in the Provincial Park, such as flooded grassland, open forests of thorny, dry shrubs called “espinales” and gallery forests. The plan is to donate these “high lands” to the Argentine State and, with the flooded provincial public lands, create an area of over 700,000 hectares which would become the biggest Park of Argentina.


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